San Mateo Pro Life
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San Mateo, California, 94403

San Mateo Pro Life

Welcome to San Mateo Pro Life!

Our symbol is a rose because Life is like a rose: beautiful but thorny - yet worth it!

Here at San Mateo Pro Life, all of us are volunteers (some have jobs and some are retired) working in our spare time, and on donations, to promote the pro life message of "respect for all people from conception to natural death". We do this through prayer (especially in front of abortion buildings), educating the public and through support of pro life organizations such as Students for Life, Community Pregnancy Center and others.

Our motto: Respect for all people from conception to natural death.

Our guide to life: Abstinence before marriage; faithfulness after.

Our main concerns: Abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research.

Some of our activities

  • Educating people about pro life at schools, malls, fairs, clubs, meetings, etc.
  • Writing pro life letters to newspapers and abortion supporters
  • Contacting our government about pro life and pro death bills
  • Praying for the pro life cause and working with churches on pro life issues
  • Fundraising to support our work and pregnancy care centers
  • Promoting and participating in the annual Walk for Life in San Francisco every January
  • Providing support for local pro life clubs

  • We welcome new members and anyone interested in volunteering their time. Help with staffing pro life tables or booths at pro life events in churches, shopping malls, schools or fairs are needed. Pro life materials such as "precious feet" lapel pins, soft rubber models of 10-week old fetuses, pro life CDs, and a vast assortment of pro life pamphlets are available and free to anyone who needs them. All we ask is that you return the surplus materials so that we can use them at another time. To request pro life materials, please contact us by email at . Make sure that you specify your need for pro life materials in the subject line of your email to assure no accidental deletion.



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