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We seek to have life respected at every stage. Therefore we promote: Marriage between one man and one woman, which is the foundation of the family. Chastity in behavior, that children are procreated within a marriage. Natural Family Planning, effecting strong marriages and loving families. Loving care for all people until their NATURAL death. 

How We Promote Pro Life

  • Provide links to various pro life specialty groups such as Pregnancy care centers, Post-abortion help groups, Political pro life activists, Pro life lawyers, and others.

  • Members will be notified of upcoming events: 

    • Important Notices​

    • Legislative Updates

    • Alerts to Contact Government Representatives

    • Mustard Seed Letter Writing Campaign

  • Praying & witnessing in front of abortion businesses, especially during the 40 Days for Life campaign in the spring. 

  • Working with pro life groups from other organizations such as the Gabriel Project, Students for Life, Knights of Columbus, parishes, and others. 

  • Bringing Pro life presentations to all grades 1-12, Confirmation groups and other. 

Calendar of Our Activities.

Visit our Pro Life table at the Info Faire at Walk for Life WC.

Rally for 40 Days for Life on Sunday preceding Ash Wednesday and the spring 40 Days for Life campaign. See home page for details.

February through April:
40 Days for Life Campaign.

Summer Months:
Rummage Sale on a Saturday, preceded by 2 preparation days.

Rally for 40 Days for Life on Sunday preceding the opening Wednesday of the fall 40 Days for Life campaign.

Pro Life Fundraising Dinner.

Guadalupe Pro Life Procession.

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